Mason gets life sentence for raping girl, 9


Orland Roberts, 40, was Thursday handed a life sentence for the rape of a nine-year-old girl in 2022.

The sentence was delivered by Demerara High Court Judge Sandil Kissoon, who spared no words in condemning Roberts’ actions, labeling them as “vile” and “abominable.”

Justice Kissoon also ordered that Roberts spend the maximum of 18 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

In February, Roberts pleaded guilty to the crime. However, he later had a change of heart and opted to plead guilty.

According to reports Roberts is known to the victim and her family.

The state’s case against Roberts outlined the harrowing events of July 4, 2022, when he sexually assaulted the young girl while she lay asleep in her own home.

Testimony from both the victim, who woke during the attack, and her younger sister, who witnessed the assault, played a crucial role in securing the conviction.

During sentencing, Justice Kissoon underscored the gravity of the offense, asserting that rape, especially against minors, is an unforgivable crime.

He branded Roberts as a “predator” and reaffirmed the judiciary’s unwavering commitment to combating such heinous acts.

Despite attempts by Roberts and his attorney, Jermaine Jarvis, to attribute the assault to alcohol intoxication, Justice Kissoon dismissed this defense, deeming Roberts’ guilty plea tactical in light of the overwhelming evidence presented by the prosecution.

The judge highlighted the conclusive findings of the medical examination, which revealed injuries consistent with sexual assault.

In her impact statement, the survivor detailed the profound trauma inflicted upon her life, urging the court to impose the harshest penalty possible.

However, Jarvis pleaded for leniency, citing Roberts’ purported religious convictions and potential for rehabilitation.

Roberts himself made a plea for forgiveness, expressing remorse for his actions and the pain he caused.

Nevertheless, Justice Kissoon pointed to the severity of the crime, handing down the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Additionally, the court ordered Roberts to undergo rehabilitation programs for sex offenders and alcoholics during his incarceration.

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