FIFA introduces nine new rule changes


Football is a game which constantly evolves itself given the competitive levels it is played at these days. Thus the authorities need to keep an eye out and bring new rules to make sure the game progresses in the right direction.


On that note, International Football Association Board (IFAB) have come up with nine new rule changes which will give more powers to the referees all over the world to officiate the game of football with greater degree of authorities.


Amongst the new changes, one that strikes out is the ban on players using a stuttering run-up leading to a penalty kick.


Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard and others who take time in assessing keeper’s movement and then taking their spot kick can now be punished.


The Rule Changes to the game which will be effective immediately are:


1) Yellow card not red if player commits Denial of an Obvious GoalScoring Opportunity inside area if foul was attempt to play ball


2) Refs can now show red cards to players before kick-off for, say, fighting in the tunnel. (Can be replaced, so teams start with 11).


3) IFAB may in the future debate changes to hand-ball laws, including on the line (Suarez v Ghana) which could be punished with a penalty goal.


4) Players who feint when taking penalty now punished with yellow card & indirect freekick. No retake. Stuttering runs still allowed


5) Injured player can get treatment on pitch for up to 20 seconds & stay on, i.e. not have to go to touchline & await ref’s nod to come back on


6) Player accidentally losing boot allowed to “continue playing until play next stops”. Under-shorts must be same colour as shorts – or the hem


7) IFAB: “At kick-off, the ball can now be kicked in any direction, including backwards so no team-mates allowed to stand in opponents’ half”


8) IFAB on throw-ins: “The ball must be thrown with BOTH hands and not thrown with one hand and ‘guided’ with the other’.


9) Water breaks permissible in “very hot/humid conditions”. Law changes applicable worldwide from June 1 (and for England’s two May friendlies)


Apart from these nine changes, FIFA is also working with 15 countries including England, Italy and Holland to go on a live trial of the video technology.


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