Gov’t prefers wages and allowances to be negotiated separately


The Government of Guyana today disclosed that it will prefer the adjusting of allowances for public servants to be negotiated at a later date.


During a press conference today, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon stated that the matter which was raised by the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) on Tuesday will be negotiated, but not along with wages and salaries.


Harmon said a letter was sent to the President of the GPSU “indicating that we will prefer a sequential process engaged in these negotiations, that we do not lump wages and salaries with allowances. Our preference was to take it consecutively.”


“There is no intention at all to move away from allowances,” he assured.


He further sought to explain this stance, noting that “because we did say, for over twenty years, that allowances had not been touched, and therefore in our first year of government, say we are not going to touch allowances.”


The Minister said government is very hopeful about the negotiations which commenced today.


The GPSU on Tuesday said it is hoping to bargain for a 40% increase in salaries.


It is the first year in decades that the union is being given an opportunity to negotiate with the government on the annual increase before it is announced.


The government’s technical team is being led by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Presidency, Reginald Brotherson.


It comprises Fredrick McWilfred from the Ministry of the Presidency, Tarachand Balgobin from the Ministry of Finance and Sandra Jones, Commissioner of the recently concluded Public Service Commission of Inquiry.


The GPSU’s negotiating team is being led by Patrick Yard, who is the union’s President.


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