No declaration of war between Central government and the Council – President


President David Granger today addressing the Georgetown Municipality told City Councillors there will be no declaration of war between Central government and the Council.


This is his first visit to the council since assuming office, which came amidst row between councillors over the impending parking meter project.

President David A. Granger
President David A. Granger

The Head of State says while he is not giving orders when it comes to the operations of City Hall, he reminded the Councillors about their role in serving the citizens’ best interests.


He told them that they do not represent themselves or political parties, but rather the citizens who elected them into office, reminding that Local Government Election is due in less than three years and Councillors must realise that their actions could result in their removal from office.


According to the President, the public is paying close attention to the issues surrounding City Councillors not agreeing on the recent parking meter project since others were not properly consulted and have been vocal about their take on the issue.


He told Councillors that while persons may always complain about new financial measures, as long as the measures are transparent, they will receive the support of Central government.


President Granger also called on the Mayor to have every vendor placed under a roof so they can be protected from the elements while making a living.


He reminded decision makers at City Hall that they need to remain united as Central Government stands ready to work with the body.


City Mayor Patricia Chase-Green assured the President that he can expect nothing but the best from the recently elected local office bearers.


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