Berbice Farmers frustrated with “Mystery Disease” killing their livestock




Residents living along the East Bank Berbice are counting their losses after losing their livestock to a disease that is yet to be diagnosed. The residents are calling on the Ministry of Agriculture to intervene in the situation and assist them with finding a solution.

One farmer said, “I don’t want them say is one person this thing a happen to, is everybody up here it a happen to. Let them help we find what causing it, so we could know what to do when it happen.”


According to the agitated farmers, this unknown disease is hampering their livelihood. The villagers, in a fit of rage, explained that the disease causes the chickens and ducks stop moving and their heads fall to the ground with their eyes closed.


Mohan Sookhoo stated that the disease kills about ten to twenty birds at a time. He pointed out that he attempted to treat his livestock with drugs from the local pharmacy but was unsuccessful. According to Sookhoo, “It just a kill them out, most roosters.” Sookhoo lost thirty chickens.


Indira Nauth, said she had sixty fowls, but after the disease affected her roost, she now has only 15.


Vanessa Sampson said that one morning she awoke to a loud noise and thought that something was troubling her fowls and ducks. However, upon investigating, she discovered, about fifteen fowls in the pen, not moving, with their heads on the ground. The woman over the past week has lost approximately 30 chickens and 10 ducks. She also said, “right now, one one a them still a dead”. She explained that extensions officers, as well as, vets have visited the area, but only took a few of the livestock to carry out tests. However, she said, the vets told her along with other residents, that they do not know the cause of the illness.


Villagers explained that they earn their daily bread from selling their livestock and losing such a large amount so rapidly, this will cripple their businesses. They are yet to be provided with a solution and are pleading with the Ministry to assist them in finding a solution as soon as possible.

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