Region 5 R.D.C Statutory Meeting interrupted by ‘Queh Queh’ session


The Region 5 Democratic Council (RDC) yesterday held its’ monthly statutory meeting with the expectation of having matters put to the table and resolved, however, this did not happen.

Regional Chairman in blue and REO Reg 5

Regional Chairman, Vickchand Ramphal and REO, Ovid Morrison

The ‘stand-off’ between Regional Chairman Mr Vickchand Ramphal and councillors which began when the Chairman was absent from a public handing over ceremony attended by President David Granger continued on Thursday. At previous meetings held throughout the year the Coalition Councillors has called for an apology to be given and even went to the extent of staging a protest calling for Ramphal to resign.

Dolston Hutson APNUAFC Councillor addressing the Chairman and Councillors from both sides1

Councillor, Dolston Hutson

As the Regional Chairman stood up to speak at the meeting, Dolston Hutson, APNU/AFC Councillor took the floor as he affirmed: “Mr Chairman you have no regard for laws, we have given you many opportunities”. He further on expressed his view that it would be disrespectful to H.E David Granger and the government if they allow the meeting to carry on.

APNUAFC Councillor Carol Joseph 'gyrating'

Councillor Carol Smith Joseph

Following yet another refusal to apologise, the councillors proceeded to host what can be considered a ‘Queh Queh’ session. As the Chairman tried to call to order the meeting, the APNU/AFC Councillors began singing folks songs, banging the desks and even dancing. The session, highly fueled by Councillor Carol Smith Joseph and Councillor Dolston Hutson continued whilst PPP Councillors looked on.


Also present at the meeting was newly instated Regional Executive Officer (REO), Mr Ovid Morrison, who was unable to give his first address to the Council as was planned.


The so-called ‘meeting’ eventually saw members of the RDC walking out along with the PPP Councillors, which left another meeting with nothing being done. The actions have further delayed and hampered further developments in the region as over the past months there have been disruptions of all sorts with yesterday’s ‘taking the entire cake’.

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