Finance Minister urges youths to become entrepreneurs in the face of unemployment


Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan is encouraging youths to change their attitude towards work. His advice is to create their own jobs rather than chase the elusive real job.


A recent Caribbean Development Bank study showed youth unemployment in Guyana at about 40 percent. However, Jordan says the question of unemployment itself is perception.


What he says is needed is a change in attitude towards work. “Create your own jobs or look for the jobs that are available and see how you can fit it…you will be getting valuable experience number one in a non-specialist area or whatever area, two you would be networking, which is a great thing,” Jordan said.


According to the Minister oftentimes persons want to pursue jobs in the traditional fields but what is needed is a look beyond the tradition.  “Why not manage your own business with your management degree? Go to a small business place, get a loan, do something? ” he posited.


He also advises more training and gaining on the job experience rather than chasing the elusive real job.

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