PPP has no problem with the military; calls for professionalism


During a recent  Progressive Party public forum, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo acknowledged that the military in Guyana has developed greatly over the years, however, he called on the disciplined services to maintain professionalism.


“We have always supported our military, what we are against, is not the military but this attempt to militarize and to use methods that are not provided by our constitution or several of our laws in the process…I don’t have a problem with a military man competing for a job too , why? We need everybody,” he said.



 Jagdeo clarified that the opposition has no qualms with military personnel being selected for certain civilian posts, but expressed displeasure with the process and subsequent selection.


He noted that “they ( the Government) just handpick these people and half of them had no connection …many of them do not have any skill level …they cannot make a contribution to the sectors which they are placed …if they had the skill, yes, fine but they do not have the skill.”



The Opposition Leader said the PPP will continue to highlight these and other wrongdoings by the present administration and called on citizens to speak out too.


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