Poor electricity, internet supply hampering Essequibo’s development


By Leroy Smith

Businesses in the Cinderella County of Essequibo, Region 2, are being faced with several challenges which stymie their development.


News Room spoke to businessman and president of the Essequibo Chambers of Commerce, Dillip Singh during a visit to the region at the weekend where he noted that with its vast potential and possibly the largest coconut industry in the country, Essequibo remains a voice in the wilderness waiting for its cries to be heard.


According to Mr. Singh, renewable energy is very critical if the true potentials of the Essequibo Coast are to be realised.


“We have sun in abundance, we have wind in abundance, and power from water…for this country to develop, we need cheaper electricity” the businessman noted.


He also noted that electricity seems to be one of the biggest issues affecting not only the large scale businesses but those small businesses also as well the ordinary citizens.


It is his belief that if this problem is addressed, the region can do much in terms of producing Value added products and creating jobs for its young people.


Singh noted that “the commercial sector would generate jobs, contribute to the real growth of our country.”


With the recent passage of the telecommunications bills, Singh further called for more competition in the region especially in the area of a more reliable internet service provider, noting that the current service is not reliable.


“Internet connection is one of the basic criteria for development, if you don’t have that, you’re lost. The world is driven by the internet today and it is so sad to know that we have a service her that I think is probably the worst” the businessman said.


The News Room team did not experience any difficulties with electricity during a three day visit to the region, however, there were tremendous problems with connecting to the internet while at various locations in Charity, Anna Regina and other parts of Region.

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