Digicel supports Berbice Exposition and Trade Fair


Digicel Guyana has thrown its support behind the annual Berbice expo and trade fair as the organisers focus on promoting entrepreneurship.


This is the 12th annual Berbice expo and trade fair which was launched in June by the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce.


According to the organisers, over one hundred booths will be on display at this year’s expo, but pulling off such an event remains costly.


Coordinator Berbice Expo & Trade Fair, Tajpaul Adjodhea pointed out that “event like these cost a lot to run off and we are indeed happy to be partnering with Digicel to host this event…one of the main reason for that is we are using the Albion Sport Complex Ground meaning that we have to build every year and then demolish. We are looking at a budget of 12 Million dollars.”


Assistant Secretary of the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, Krishnanand Raghunandan said the event also creates an opportunity for the body to achieve its community service objectives.


Digicel’s Communications Manager, Vidya Sanichara noted that “everything we do as a telecoms company, we try to give back to communities, we try to be a part of the community where our subscribers are.”


The event kicks off on Friday, August 19 and goes until August 22 under the theme “Promoting entrepreneurship for a diversified economy.”


Unlike what obtained in previous years where a combination of local and foreign exhibitors were featured, this year’s expo will only focus on local entrepreneurs; giving them an opportunity to showcase and promote their skills.

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