Nandlall to be sent before Privileges Committee- Basil Williams


When parliament resumes former attorney general and PPP member of parliament Anil Nandlall will be a “prime target” by the government and will be recommended to stand before the privileges committee.


This is according to Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, who told reporters on Tuesday that Nandlall lied to the National Assembly.


“For lying to parliament saying that President Ramotar met Mrs Rodney in America and she requested that they hold this inquiry and she also requested that they do not involve the WPA and the PNC, those are lies ,” the AG said.


As it relates to the matter involving former president, Donald Ramotar authorizing the payment from state funds for law books that were for personal use by the then AG, Anil Nandlall, Williams said the fact that the auditor general did not take any action, does not preclude the government from taking legal action.


Williams noted that “we are looking at everything, people are saying we are stalling with the forensic audits but everything is just a matter of time.”



 Earlier in this year, Williams had requested that the Legal Affairs Ministry’s Permanent Secretary (PS), proceed on administrative leave to facilitate an audit into the disappearance of millions of dollars worth of law books and computer accessories.
According to him, the missing Commonwealth Law Books are valued at close to $3M and the computer parts over $2M.


Nandlall  had told the media that he was being blackmailed by the new AG.



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