GFF engages SRKN’gineering for Durban Park Blue Water Shipping Stadium design


In the next six to eight months, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) will become aware of all the technical intricacies of constructing the country’s first international-standard football stadium at Durban Park.

On Friday, the Federation inked a contract with local group SRKN’gineering and Associates Limited, which will provide consultancy services on the design of the facility.

From this process, the GFF will become aware of all necessary factors, such as cost and timeline for the project, from which they can create a tender for companies to bid for construction.

GFF President Wayne Forde indicated that this phase of work- the service agreement- would cost US$156,000 (approx. G$31 million).

FIFA and CONCACAF will continue their support after the government leased the Federation a plot of land- approximately 7.3 acres- for 50 years.

While the consultancy process is ongoing, the GFF will continue to invest in landfilling to prepare for the impending construction.

In December 2023, the GFF, in partnership with Blue Water Shipping, began the initial steps to create an innovative new, multi-purpose sports, educational and entertainment venue.

Forde indicated that the facility, which will have two mini pitches to encourage more community involvement, would have a capacity of 8,000 to 12,000.

That number could increase marginally based on the outcome of the current consultancy.

The facility will have all the modern amenities associated with football stadiums for players, concessions and media.

The key features will be accessibility for the physically challenged, designated playing areas, a main pitch, four-team locker rooms, officials’ dressing rooms and office, ball kids dressing rooms, medical and anti-doping facilities, as well as recovery areas.

Moreover, it will have corporate spaces, VIP and presidential booths, press boxes, conference rooms, a corporate centre, and a restaurant, among other amenities.

There will also be a dedicated community space that could be used year-round for educational opportunities, youth sport, non-profit events and other community-minded purposes.

An artist impression of the facility

‘A transformative project’

President Forde clarified that SRKN was selected due to its ongoing provision of comparable services for the GFF National Training Centre in Providence, East Bank Demerara, to the satisfaction of both the GFF and FIFA.

“It was a natural fit to solicit their services for the Blue Water Shipping Stadium. SRKN is a highly reputable company operating in Guyana.”

The GFF’s senior official also thanked the Government of Guyana for granting the Federation a 50-year lease on the land for the stadium which will bring football fans together for international matches, including those featuring the Golden Jaguars and Lady Jags in the near future.

“While there is a huge national deficit for good quality football infrastructure right across Guyana, I must acknowledge and applaud the efforts being made by the Government of Guyana to aggressive remedy this situation.”

Blue Water Senior Vice-President of Operations Jennifer Falconer added they have partnered with the football body to build the stadium because “this investment would have a transformative impact on the local football eco-system coupled of course with the good work of GFF.”

The Blue Water executive highlighted the company’s history of investment in football, citing the Blue Water Shipping Football Stadium in Denmark as an example.

Falconer shared that she was impressed with the design concept of the facility which will “provide a vibrant atmosphere for fans to come enjoy and celebrate the passion for such a beautiful game. We are confident that through the continued work of the GFF, it will also enhance grassroots football programmes and help develop the next generation of footballers, particularly female footballers in Guyana.”

This facility will complement the Federation’s National Training Facility at Providence, which, when completed, will also have space for spectators.

Engineer Deo Naraine opted against estimating a potential cost for the facility, noting that much will depend on what they discover in this detailed consultancy process.

“This is a special project for us because of the benefits it will bring to the football fraternity in Guyana,” Naraine shared.

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