Callender makes successful defence of National Women’s Chess title


The National Women’s Chess Championship title will remain with Jessica Callender for a second consecutive year. Callender successfully defended her 2023 title against the nine female players who successfully contested the qualifying games to vie for national honours.

The Diamond Insurance-sponsored round-robin competition was held at the National Racquet Centre on April 27-28 and continued on May 1, 4 and 5. The 10 players faced off each other in the nine rounds to secure the maximum points towards the title.

The final round of the championship tested the true mettle of the defending Women’s Champion when she met her most determined opponent, Aditi Joshi.

The two female players entered the round with even scores, but Callender prevailed over her 13-year-old opponent in a struggle that lasted four hours and almost 60 moves.

With the white pieces, Callender brought out her King Knight on move one, and a quiet battle soon erupted on the chessboard; Callender retained her two powerful, long-range Bishops, a better match for Joshi’s Bishop and Knight.

In her weakened position, Joshi’s pawns became the first casualties, eventually losing a Knight as she fought back in a fruitless endgame struggle.

With extra material gained, a confident Callender went after Joshi’s King with checkmate soon to follow. But Joshi capitulated and conceded the game, giving the Women’s Champion the much needed win.

Callendar lost a single game against Nellisha Johnson in the second round of the tournament, gaining eight out of nine points.

Joshi placed second with seven points, while Sasha Shariff and Treskole Archibald tied with six points to place third and fourth, respectively. The fifth placement of the tournament goes to Ciel Clement.

The women’s results based on the sixth-10th rankings in said order are Nellisha Johnson, Parnita Kishun, Chelsea Harrison, Emma John and Shazeeda Rahim.

Rahim was unable to complete the tournament due to personal reasons. The Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) congratulates the participants of the women’s tournament on a well-played round of matches.

This GCF would like to thank the Tournament Directors and Arbiters, John Lee (Chief) and Anand Raghunauth, for their dedication and support and the National Sports Commission for the use of the tournament venue.

The GCF thanks Diamond Insurance for sponsoring the National Women’s Chess Qualifiers and Chess Championship.

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