University students protest 5 percent increase in tuition fees


University of Guyana students this morning launched a protest opposing the five percent increase in tuition fees that was recently imposed, pointing to the fact that there has already been an increase in utility fees and facilities remain in a deplorable state.


The small group of students protested along UG Road then onto the campus baring placards which read “not a dollar more” and “no to 5 percent” among other slogans.


The students said it is already a struggle for them to attend the University with the rising costs and this additional fee, which is being implemented in the middle of the Semester would make matters worst for them.


Some students are outrightly rejecting the increase, while others have expressed the view that it may be more practical next year.


They are also calling for better conditions at the Turkeyen Campus, citing cramped classrooms, dysfunctional equipment and lack of electricity on many occasions, causing classes to be canceled.


The increase was announced on Friday last via a mass email sent to the students.



Meanwhile, President of the University of Guyana, Tain Campus Student Society Godwyn Allicock along with students there also gathered to protest against the 5% increase.



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