Guyana needs to adopt a psycho-social approach to treating Mental Illness- Nicole Cole


Professional Clinical Social Work Practitioner, Nicole Cole during an exclusive interview with News Room on Thursday expressed her strong view that Guyana’s approach to the treatment of Mental illness be shifted to that of the psycho-social model.


In this regard she called for the infusion of music, art, play and other alternative measures in treating persons diagnosed with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bi-polarism and the many others.


Miss Cole noted that alternative measures have proven to be much more successful at treating mental illness than the traditional medicines.


She is calling for the establishment of Mental Health Anonymous groups across the country to help persons who are suffering from any of the forms of mental illness get the help they need, as these groups would help them to speak out about what is affecting them.


She cited the work of Peter Kinderman, a British Psychologist, who also shares the belief that a psycho-social approach is more effective.



According to Miss Cole, many people have hidden hurt that they keep bottled up and they may exhibit these feelings in self harm, pointing to the suicide phenomenon.



Miss Cole believes that a qualitative analysis is needed in arriving at answers that would help in solving some of the problems persons are facing, which are directly linked to them choosing suicide as a way out.


She is also advocating for a community-based approach in dealing with not only suicide but mental health since many of the persons who commit suicide graduated from a mental illness such as depression.


Miss Cole is calling on the Ministry of Public Health to reexamine its approach to mental health.


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