Former GWI board member refutes claims of ‘issues with CEO’


Former member of the Board of Directors of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Charles Ceres has refuted claims that he resigned from the Board because of issues he had with Chief Executive Officer, GWI, Dr. Richard Van West Charles.


At a press conference today, Ceres who is also the Managing Director of Ground Structures Engineering Consultants said he opted out to being a member of the board of GWI because he could not give the time that is required to ensure that his tenure at GWI was going to contribute to the development of the organisation. “That is the sole reason for my resignation,” Ceres said.


Ceres was appointed to the GWI Board in October 2015.


After pointing out that there is no discord between himself and the CEO of GWI, Ceres expressed his dismay that persons who are expected to carry clear, consistent and accurate information had failed at their responsibility.


Ceres said that he never saw his role on the Board of Directors of the GWI as a managerial one but one of advisory. “I think people are of the perspective that the boards are intended to run these corporations, that is not my perspective. I saw my role at GWI simply as an advisory role. Ultimately the person that is responsible for to the residents of Guyana and to the taxpayers is Dr. Richard Van West Charles,” Ceres said.


Ceres said, while he cannot find the time to commit to doing what is required of him at the GWI, he still provides technical advice to the CEO of the Board whenever it is needed.


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