Supporting Children living with Cancer- KeyClub GIA


The Georgetown International Academy (GIA) KeyClub; a non-profit organization is calling on the government and private sector to put more effort into dealing with Cancer in children, as the club itself embarks on a campaign against the disease.


With a new President at its helm, the Club has raised a total of $11M which it will be contributing to the Giving Hope Foundation; a non-governmental organization (NGO) made up of doctors and teachers from the public sector which morally and financially supports families of children living with cancer.


Speaking with News Room on Wednesday, President of the club, Gabriel Beharry-Strand said “the numbers show that the mortality rate in the Giving Hope Foundation when they first started was 99.9% that means all of the kids died. Because they catch it so so late because there is no outreach for them in the interior.”


 President of the KEYCLUB, Gabriel Beharry-Strand
President of the KEYCLUB, Gabriel Beharry-Strand


The Giving Hope Foundation will provide the monies to children based on advice provided by their doctors.


He noted that there are many children in the hinterland regions of Guyana who are largely affected by Leukemia; a group of different cancers of the blood cells, however, outreaches are not being hosted in those regions.


In this regard, the young man along with the members of his organization is hoping to engage the government in formulating a plan in which outreaches taken to interior regions.


Additionally, the club will be embarking on an annual Cancer walk for children on Saturday, October 15, 2016, from the National Park, Carifesta Avenue parking lot to Parade Ground, Middle street.


“I’ve looked into Guyana’s history and I have realized that there is no movement towards cancer in children and I realize there are so many walks for adults and breast cancer (which is very important) but kids are the future as well and if there is no organization or no awareness, nobody will ever know about it” Strand said.


Strand disclosed that there are currently three children at the Georgetown Public Hospital diagnosed with Leukemia; ages 9 and 6. He noted that the doctors have also asked for help to construct a new building for the children.


“They are all very enthusiastic kids but you can see the families need the support and one of the things the doctor mentioned was that they need a new building for the kids because as it stands right now, the kids can get sicker because the same area where their cancer patients are, the opposite side of the room is where they hold the sick patients with the cold and flu and what not. A common cold to a Leukemia patient turns into pneumonia leading to death” he said.


The Georgetown International Academy (GIA) KeyClub is a student-led organization which conducts various social projects.


Funding for the non-profit organization is garnered through bake sales, car washes and donations from private sector bodies and individual donors.

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