Hillary Clinton for President- participants of News Room poll


News Room also did an online poll via social media; Facebook on Tuesday where several persons commented their choice for the presidential election.

Under a post captioned “The citizens of the United states of America are voting for their 45th President today. In Guyana, we have seen the campaign play out over various platforms in recent months, who do you think America will choose as their next leader and why?” majority of the participants supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Among the reasons listed were “Hillary Clinton…is the most qualified person (to) ever run for the Presidency and she is a woman that’s a bonus…this woman had worked all her life in public service, and she will continue from President Obama who took America from that economic crisis to what it is today…”

Other lauded her for being the first woman who will be elected to the post noting that she will empower women not only in America but across the world.

It was also noted that she is the better of the two candidates since Donald Trump is “inexperienced and arrogant.”

Republican choice Donald Trump only received two votes of which neither could give a reason for their choice.

Polls in the United States closed this evening, not only ending the elections but one of the most contentious races for the White House.

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