GWI boss says Antinfek very effective as bactericidal agent; used prior to him taking up post


Following several concerns regarding the use of the organic chemical Antinfek by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), its Chief Executive Officer has defended the water company’s position, noting that it has been around for a number of years and its active ingredient is already being used in numerous products.


On Monday following the opening of a training workshop on water treatment, the CEO while not stating definitively whether the chemical is being used currently by GWI and in what quantity, said Antinfek had been used prior to him taking up his post.


The CEO said Antinfek is a disinfectant with similar uses as the popular chlorine. “It was used probably more than two years ago before I came here by a project which I think the Rotary had with some other folks but Antinfek or PHMB which is the critical ingredient is used widely in the medical profession, in the simple wipes that you use …is used in contact lens solution, is used in slaughter houses as disinfectant. It is very efficacious as a bactericidal agent,” Dr Van West-Charles noted.


In a statement GWI had said, “Chlorine is being used as the sole disinfecting agent in all the treatment plants, while laboratory studies are being done on the use of other treatment alternatives.”


Just like the CEO the statement had defended the use of the chemical, noting that Antinfek was tested by a number of other laboratories in several countries.



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