CMRC ‘Superstock’ category promises scorching showdown


Motor racing fans are in for thrills and spills while local Superstock daredevils will have a real opportunity to accurately gauge their respective abilities when they face opposition from the USA and Britain on Sunday in the final leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship.

This year’s MotoAmerica Superstock 600 Championship winner Bryce Prince was caught in action during practice and what was seen surely confirms the excitement fans will have in the Superstock category.

British Superbiker Matt Truelove poses next to his Yamaha 600cc
British Superbiker Matt Truelove poses next to his Yamaha 600cc

Also, enjoying crucial seat time was British rider Matt Truelove, who put down some fast times despite being new to the Circuit.

The two visiting riders will be making their debut this Sunday on two Yamaha 600cc bikes that was purchased by Team Mohamed of Mohamed’s Enterprises.

According to Team Principal Nazrudeen Mohamed,he has been involved in motor racing for sometime and it is his love for the sport that spurred him to purchase the bikes to add more excitement to the Superbike category.

He further stated that in addition to the acquisition of the bikes he decided to seek two top riders to come and represent the team and Prince and Truelove both of who are highly regarded riders were the team’s choices.

Prince in brief remarks said he was happy to have the chance to display his immense talent here in Guyana and thanked Mohamed for providing the opportunity for him to do so.

Commenting on his experience on the track, he said it was a bit bumpy and abrasive and felt that with a bit of improvement it could be a good track for international racing.

“I like the corners they are really nice and I’m looking forward to first of all winning the races and giving the trophies to the team’s owner, but also to give the fans a good showing,” Prince said.

Speaking about the machine, he disclosed that everything is fine, but felt that the team is looking to improve on power which he was optimistic will be resolved by race day.

Truelove in his response said that since his arrival he has been having lots of fun and is really excited to race.

He revealed that it has been a while since he left his country to race, citing 2008 in Spain as his last race outside the UK.

He too said the track is a lot of fun, but echoed similar sentiments expresed by Prince, who spoke about the bumpy nature of the surface.

Truelove added that the Circuit is a bit smaller and more technical than he is accustomed to, but was working hard figure out the lines to make it a bit easier for him.

In closing, Truelove said he was really looking forward to seeing the fans come out in great numbers to witness the impending showdown against the locals.


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