Former Georgetown Mayor believes no one should object to Parking Meters in the city


A former Mayor has thrown his support behind the controversial parking meter project even as many sections of society have publicly spoken out against the initiative and the manner in which it was being implemented.

Former Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green is in full support of the parking meter project for the city that will be implemented as of next month. “I said I am not involved in the details but the principle is not one that people should object to,” the former Mayor said.

Green said almost 20 years ago the project was in the pipeline since it was discussed with the traffic department and commercial community.

According to the former Mayor, it was agreed that such a move was something good for the central business district of Georgetown. He noted that the parking meters will generate revenue for the municipal authority and bring order to the City.

Earlier this week, a parliamentary Opposition motion seeking to examine the contractual arrangement with the Mayor and City Council and Smart City Solutions was deferred pending a court matter.

However, after much controversy, the contract of Smart City Solutions was reviewed and amended.

In the coming months, 157 meters are expected to be installed most of which will be erected just in time for the busy holiday shopping period next month.

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