Corwin D’anjou victorious at MMA debut


Corwin D’anjou made history on November 26 when he became the first Guyanese Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter to compete in the ‘Octagon’.

Representing Guyana out of the Rising Sun Judo Club, the Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting (CUFF), in Trinidad and Tobago, D’anjou left the ‘Octagon’ with a win after his opponent was disqualified.

The odds, however, seemed stacked high against him early as due to unforeseen setbacks. D’anjou found himself being the sole fighter representing the Golden Arrowhead at the Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting hometown throw-down fight card, instead of being part of a three-man contingent.

The two fighters before taking the 'Octagon'
The two fighters before taking the ‘Octagon’

However, he was able to dig deep and come home with his first win at 145 lb amateur level.

During the fight he quickly established himself to be a handful in both striking and grappling which frustrated his opponent to an extent whereby the latter was disqualified for attempting an illegal blow which according to D’anjou saved his opponent from having to tap out from an impeding submission technique that was in the works.

“All in all we were hoping to make a bigger statement and prove like Ronda Rousey did in the UFC, the effectiveness of Judo, especially Rising Sun Judo in Guyana” D’anjou.

D’anjou was trained/coached solely at the Rising Sun Judo Dojo and would like to thank his family, Rising Sun Judo Club, his training partners, CUFF, Kerry Grant and Southern Warriors and a big thank you to all his sponsors: Fitness Express , Ricks and Sari Agro Industries and Tracmax who came on board to help him make history.

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