It is arrogant, disrespectful and insensitive- Manickchand on Trotman’s “get busy” comment


Former Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand on Monday blasted Government Minister, Raphael Trotman for telling Guyanese to stop complaining about the budget and “get busy”.

Concluding her presentation today during the 2017 budget debates, Manickchand said: “that is disrespectful, it is arrogant, it is insensitive and it is being a bully, the government is being a bully”.

According to reports, during the recent Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 2016 Dinner and Awards Ceremony, Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman said “what are we to do, complain about the VAT on water and electricity and do nothing else, or complain and get busy preparing? The Government of Guyana would prefer that we all lived in a country where there are no complaints but we know that this can never be. However, we invite you to get busy.”

Manickchand further urged the government to withdraw the Budget as she noted that “I have one recommendation for the government- withdraw this budget and do as the constitution mandates you to do; listen to the people and come back with a budget that will get them the good life you have promised them.”

She further advised the government that political parties win the hearts and minds of people by their policies and therefore, effort should not only be placed on staying in power.

Following the reading of the 2017 Budget last Monday, there have been several criticisms from the Opposition, mining organisations and the Private sector. It was noted that the budget will lead to inflation and lower take home pay for the working class.

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