GuySuCo denies executives being paid ‘exorbitant’ salaries


According to the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo), all salaries and conditions of service of the executives and managers of the company, are strictly within the longstanding Corporation’s grades and scales for the respective positions.

The company was at the time denying claims that executives are being paid exorbitant salaries as was reported by the Kaieteur News under the caption “Cabinet to scrutinise ‘exorbitant’ salaries of executives at debt-ridden GuySuCo”.

In a statement on Monday, it was noted that what is being paid were in place well before the appointment of the current Board of Directors, Interim Management Committee and specialist consultants and anyone suggesting otherwise is “bent on fomenting public mischief”.

GuySuCo further added that an examination will reveal that current ‘executives’ have actually declined some of the longstanding benefits attached to their respective positions.

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