PSC calls on Parliamentarians to engage in constructive Debate


The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is calling on the Members of Parliament to engage in constructive arguments in the house. The reason for this not only to get the business of the house completed in a timelier manner but also to set a good example for the onlookers, the body said.

Though the current Budget Debate is only in its second day, there have been several instances where the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland upbraided parliamentarians for constantly interrupting each other and hurling rude remarks across the floor.

During a recent Press Conference, Executive Member of the PSC, Ramesh Dookhoo said “We live in a society where you turn on the TV, our parliamentarians rowing. Those who are not rowing, are sleeping. People who would like to see constructive argument in Parliament, they are not hearing that.”

Dookhoo said he is sure citizens want to see politicians regardless of who they supported, engaging in a more meaningful debate of policies and programs for the long-term benefit of the nation.

“We would like to see more respect for each other in parliament because they’re actually setting the tone for the whole nation,” he said.

At the moment the coalition administration has 33 seats in Parliament making them the majority over the opposition PPP/C.

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