UPDATE; 29-year-old man shot outside of Ministry of Finance’s compound


A 29-year-old male supervisor was at about 12:55hrs today robbed and shot to his right thigh by one of two bandits in the vicinity of the Ministry of Finance.

According to police reports, John Brian was walking on Urquhart Street, North Cummingsburg, heading in a westernly direction when a white Premio motor car pulled up alongside him and two suspects, one armed with a handgun, exited and approached him.

As a result, Brian became afraid and ran to the Ministry of Finance’s gate and threw a haversack which was alleged to contain $3M cash, into the said compound.

It was further disclosed that the suspects went into the compound, collected the bag and were exiting when the victim tried retrieving same. During the process, he was shot by the armed suspect.

The suspects then they made good their escape in the said vehicle.

The victim was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an ambulance, where he is undergoing surgery.

Investigators have retrieved a spent shell from the scene.

No arrests have so far been made.

Investigations are in progress.

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