Competitors ready for GT Motorsports ‘Endurance Rental Cup’


By Avenash Ramzan 

Speed, skills, thrills and spills will be on show on tomorrow (Wednesday) night when GT Motorsports stages the inaugural ‘Endurance Rental Cup’ at the Guyana Motor-Racing and Sports Club’s headquarters on the corners of Albert Street and Thomas Lands.

Several three-member teams were assembled over the last few weeks, as drivers prepare to compete in the first-ever competitive showdown at the recently refurbished facility.

Most of the competitors would be making the transition from car or bike to go-kart, and that should bring its own share of excitement. One such person is Mohamed Roshandin, who will be partnering with Shawn King and Gregory Mohamed in a team that was only put together two days ago.

Mohamed Roshandin

“I never intended to do go-karting. However, it’s competition all the way. As a motor-racer, you always like the challenge so we’re there now and we have a team, and we will be putting every effort to win,” Roshandin told News Room Sport.

He added, “We’re aiming to win. We’re not targeting any team, because all the teams are just as competitive and go-karting is a new ball game for myself and my team and also many of the other competitors. Everyone will be competitive and everyone would be a challenge.”

Seasoned Group Four racer, Mark Vieira, who is more known for his exploits on the big track, will lead a strong team comprising a Superbike champion and an upcoming female driver.

“This is my team- myself, Emma Vieira, my daughter, and everyone knows Stephen Vieira. We’re looking to compete in the first-ever one hour endurance race in a go-kart. I think we have a pretty good chance,” Vieira stated.

The only female of the team, Emma Vieira, is not daunted by the prospects of competing against her male counterparts. In fact, she is eagerly looking forward to the challenge.

The team of Mark Vieira, Emma Vieira and Stephen Vieira is being sponsored by Palm Court and Sun Burst Juices

“I don’t see it as much of a challenge because all my life my dad never put me down because I’m a girl. I always go into boy’s races and I always go in with the same chances of winning so I think we have a pretty good chance and I’m not too afraid,” a confident Emma pointed out.

Stephen Vieira, who would be stepping off his bike to test his skills at go-kart, spoke of his personal expectation and that of his team. Young Superbike sensation, Matthew Vieira, believes his team is the best that has signed up, boasting that they are out to cop nothing less than a win.

“I think we might have the best team because we have myself, Elliott Vieira and Nikhail Seereeram- two go-kart champions and three Superbike champions so that’s a very hard team to beat,” Matthew indicated.

Matthew’s teammate Elliott Vieira said the team’s preparation has been good, and they are looking to put on a show come Wednesday night.

Matthew Vieira


“So far, so good. We just had a little weight issues because all of us were around 150-160 (pounds), but we decided to wear our bike suits, so we’re making up the weight so we should be good,” Elliott explained.

Meanwhile, the competitors also spoke glowingly of the idea to have structured competitions for go-kart racers, while affording novices an opportunity to test their ability in the karts through the rental system.

“Well the thing about it, I’m totally impressed with the track. It’s a new thing for us. The track was always there, but with E-Networks and GT Motorsports putting it together, they’ve moved it to a different level where they have actual competition with equal karts and equal weight structures and everything else,” Roshandin intimated.

Elliott Vieira

Mark Vieira said, “It’s a great facility there in Thomas Lands. It’s fantastic for an individual to go and just for a nominal amount of money get an experience like that. It’s a difficult thing to get something like that without spending a lot of money.”

Matthew Vieira pointed out, “Well for me, I think it’s really good for the youths; it’s a nice sport to get into, it’s safe and fun, and the new facility is really amazing- the best Guyana ever had and I think it will get better with time.”

All karts will be fitted with new tyres at the start of the race, and trophies will be given to all the divers in the top three finishing teams.

According to GT Motorsports, the race winner will be determined by the team which crosses the finish line first with the maximum number of laps, and not by the lap time as was done in the rental sessions. Action will speed off at 19:00h.

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