Young couple counting loses; seeking public’s assistance after fire gutted home


By Royan Abrams

The Guyana Fire Service (GFS) is investigating the circumstances surrounding a fire that completely gutted a one bedroom apartment at #78 Village on the Corentyne on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Vanie Melissa Suknanand

News Room understands that the occupants were not at home at the time the fire started. They were identified as 19-year-old Raj Ramarine and his wife 19-year-old Vanie Melissa Suknanand who have been living at the apartment for almost two years.

According to Suknanand, she had just woken from an evening nap and went out on the public road to wait for her husband who was on his way home from work. She added that it was at about 20:30 hours while waiting, a friend called out to her and informed her that her apartment was on fire.

Items left after the fire


The woman who was in tears disclosed that she hurried back to the apartment but was unable to save anything.  “Last night I went to the bridge and before I went to the bridge I hold this door here and when I come in back me see me house on fire, all thing bun up, me nah save nothing” the distraught woman related.

Suknanand says that the fire started in the kitchen area and neighbours were very helpful in putting out the blaze and preventing it from spreading to other apartments in close proximity while they await the arrival of the Guyana Fire Service. The fire service arrived after the entire ordeal.

“I don’t know what start the fire because me nah bin get on anything on the stove cause me bin just now get up and me go out pon the road and stand up lil bit to see if my husband coming home. When I hear bout the fire and I rush in” she added.

The News Room was told that the couple has suffered almost half of a million dollars in losses and is presently depending on friends to provide their basic needs. They are hoping that persons can come forward and assist them in any way possible so that they can start building their apartment again.

The couple can be reached on telephone number +592-685-4184

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