Man gunned down at girlfriend’s home


By Leroy Smith

Paul Anthony Daniels, 39 years, was this morning gunned down in the Community of Albouystown in the vicinity of Independence Boulevard, moments after he dropped his girlfriend to her home.

This morning persons in the community told the News Room that the man, who resides over the river had a game of football with some friends in another village and there was a misunderstanding.

39-year-old Paul Anthony Daniels

After riding up with his CG Motorcycle to drop off his girlfriend, the two were inside and shortly after, a resident saw two men entering the yard with firearms.

The gunmen reportedly cautioned another person who was close by to remove from the area.  The men entered the yard, shot Daniels and then took away a chain he was wearing at the time.

As the men were leaving, Daniels attempted to go behind them and it was at that point that the men opened fire in his direction, hitting him in the process.

The man’s fiancé rushed to his assistance while the gunmen fled. She screamed for help and persons from the community came out to render assistance and he was immediately taken to the hospital. He died on arrival there.

When the News Room arrived at the location, there were blood stains on the ground and a pillow which was used to stop the bleeding after the man was shot.

Persons also pointed the News Room to a zinc gate which more than two dozen bullets penetrated.

The police were informed and the investigations are ongoing. Statements were taken from some persons in the area, as well as the girlfriend of Paul Anthony Daniels.

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