10 percent of Guyana/Suriname oceans designated protected areas


Guyana will benefit from a four-year project that would see a percentage of the country’s marine and coastal resources being monitored and protected. This will be done to conserve the ocean’s biodiversity while helping to boost economic activities.

EU Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Jernej Videtič

The 1.25 million euros grant project is being funded by the European Union titled “Promoting Integrated and Participatory Ocean Governance in Guyana and Suriname: the Eastern Gate to the Caribbean.”

Ambassador of the European Union to Guyana, Mr. Jernej Videtič said the EU wishes to contribute to preserving the unique marine and coastal biodiversity in the Caribbean Sea basin.

According to AmbassadorVidetič, “roughly 1.1 million people will directly and indirectly benefit from the project as it aims at addressing the challenges deriving from climate change, fisheries and carbon storage and thus contributes to decreasing the vulnerability of this part of the region.”

Ms. Aiesha Williams, Country Manager of World Wildlife Fund


“It will significantly enhance the protection of marine and coastal resources of Guyana and Suriname,” he added.

Ms. Aiesha Williams, Country Manager of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)said the approach here is to make sure marine protected areas and resources remain productive to support economic activities and various benefits.

“It’s important for us to govern our marine resources in such a way that all these beneficiaries can maintain the benefits that they have and get the benefits that many generations to come can gain and so it’s important that we see marine protected areas as such,” said Ms. Williams.

Regional Representative of WWF-Guianas Laurens Gomes inked the agreement with the EU Ambassador at the Regency Hotel in Georgetown on Monday (February 6, 2017).

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