Failure to rescind Parking Meter contract is “blow to good governance”- Transparency body


Transparency Institute Guyana Inc (TIGI) has joined the call for the rescinding of the Parking Meter Contract be rescinded. The body noted that recent revelations about the original contract confirm that “the deal was not in the best interest of the people.”

Speaking to the lack of transparency which was previously highlighted by several sections of society, the body in a Statement on Wednesday (February 15, 2017) said “the lack of transparency in the handling of the deal is a telling blow to good governance and the repercussions will visit future generations if the deal is not rescinded.”

Equally damning, it pointed out is the sustained vilification of those who dare to stand up including some Councillors as the extent of collusion between City Hall and the contractor; to Smart City Solutions (SCS) is such that boundaries have been obliterated and exemplified by a director boldly, defiantly and repeatedly hurling derogatory remarks at the citizens.

SCS initial negotiator and signatory to the parking meter contract, Ifa Kamau Cush in recent facebook posts attacked persons who are part of the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM).In his comments, Cush referred to the protestors as “freeloaders” among other things which many persons took offense to. His comments were subsequently condemned by Smart City Solutions Managing Director of Business Development, Mr. Amir Oren, and    Managing Director of Operations, Mr. Simon Moselle who also distanced themselves from Cush.

TIGI said the three recent developments that can be added to the list are the implementation of penalties prior to ratification of the by-laws necessary to support such actions, the exorbitant penalties for parking infringements and SCS’s absolution from responsibility for vehicles of which they take possession.

“It is significant that central government including the President, Cabinet and the responsible Minister invoked a non-interference stance even while the people were unable to access needed information about the deal” the body highlighted.

Turing its attention to the Mayor’s and Town Clerk’s retaliation to the MAPM, the institute said “it is the people who bear the burden of poor governance and they have decided to resist”, therefore the responses were “in poor taste though consistent with their management of the project so far” including throwing the blame on Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan.

The transparency body threw its support behind the movement commending the citizens for taking up its duty to reject unilateral impositions of such dire consequences.

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