GFSCA all set for Florida Cup, OPL 1


The Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) will be sending two softball teams to the USA to take part in this year Florida Cup in Broward County, Florida.

The preliminary games are set for February 24-25, with the final of both categories- Open and Masters- set to be played on Sunday February 26 at the Fort Lauderdale Cricket Stadium. 

Both finals will be streamed live on ESPN 3 and YouTube. Last year for the first time, Floodlights won the Masters title. This time around they are confident of defending the title, despite missing Ramesh Narine, their best player and arguably the best Masters softball cricketer in the country.

Below are the members of the two teams.

Floodlights: Ricky Deonarain (Captain), Ramo Malone (Vice-captain), Uniss Mohamed Yusuf, Jagdish Persaud, Lloyd Ruplall, Wayne Jones, Mahesh Lutchman, Vishwanauth Lutchman, Tulsi Lutchman, Imtiaz Mohamed Saffie, Clive Canterbury, Kamran Sumair, Pooran Singh, Jaipaul Singh, Narsingh Roy  and Hubern Evans (Coach).

Floodlights Legends: Lalta Gainda (Captain), Lakhram Singh (Vice-captain), Dennis Mangru, Nadir Baksh, Surendra Nauth, Arjune Badal, Anil Beharry, Jailall Deodass, Pithamber Maharaj, Rabindra Singh, Steve Naraine, Mohan Sukhu, Ajay Jha and Vivakanand Ramsaywack.

The tournament is being hosted by the South Florida Softball Cricket League. The following weekend, March 3-5, Floodlights will travel to Orlando, where they will take part in OPL 1, another softball cricket tournament hosted by the Orlando Premier League, for the first time.

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