Local distributor of Brunswick products applauds swift action of FDD to block bogus tuna


Beepats, the distributor of Brunswick products in Guyana, says it stands by the Government’s decision to block falsely labelled products from further entry into the local market and applauded the work of the Analyst Food and Drug Department and the Customs and Trade Administration for their vigilance.

The distribution of the bogus canned tuna from China was prohibited by the FDD after it was discovered that the fake tuna had a non-compliant label that also infringed on the Brunswick Flaked Tuna in Oil label appearance.

According to Beepats, the intercepted product was an obvious attempt to mislead and deceive Guyanese consumers who may have thought they were purchasing their regular Brunswick canned tuna.

“We fully agree with the government’s advice to consumers to “take a second look” at brand labels to ensure that the country of origin and exact name and address of manufacturers are stated on the label.”

It noted that Brunswick has a long and proud history of supplying Guyana and over 50 other countries around the world with high quality, reliable and affordable canned seafood products. Labels on Brunswick products are developed in full compliance with local labelling regulations and always include a full listing of ingredients, Nutritionals, and contact information so consumers can reach Brunswick via regular mail or website, the company pointed out.


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