KP93 aiming to thrill fans at Race of Champions


By Avenash Ramzan

Superbiker Kevin Persaud is looking to give motor-racing fans some thrills on Sunday when the National Race of Champions takes place at the South Dakota Circuit. The 18-year-old speedster had his first ride of the year on Sunday last during testing at the South Dakota Circuit, after being off the bike for the past five months.

Riding under his self-proclaimed KP93 brand, Persaud informed News Room Sport that he is currently fine-tuning his Kawasaki bike with help from his lead mechanic and father Ganesh ‘Smelly’ Persaud.

Kevin Persaud will aim to lift the chequered flag on Sunday

Kevin is confident the bike would be firing at 100% way before Sunday’s races. As he pointed out, just a few minor changes have been made to the bike from the last race meet in November. “Actually just the gear up had to be changed a little bit, because it was a bit heavy. Not it’s a big lighter so that will make the bike a little faster,” Persaud related.

While the youngster is conditioning his mind to lift the chequered flag, he is wary of the challenge posed by the regular podium finishers in the Superbike category.

“Everybody is fast you know, mainly the likes of Matthew Vieira, Stephen Vieira, Elliot (Vieira) and Carlos (Mendonca) and the other riders. Everybody is fast, so it will be a bit of a tough competition. But I will be there to give the fans some thrills; let them have an exciting time and let them see some good Guyanese motor-racing as we’re the fastest in the Caribbean,” he stated.

Persaud explained what he needs to do to ensure that he crosses the line ahead of the more seasoned competitors. “More training, more practice. Practice makes perfect, so I guess I need some more seat time on the bike,” Persaud posited. 

The National Race of Champions is expected to attract a large group of drivers and riders, while spectator turnout is also expected to be massive. The day’s activities, set to get underway at 09:00h, will be coordinated by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club in partnership with a number of sponsors.  

They include Stag Beer, Exxon Mobil, Fly Jamaica, Seaboard Marine, Palm Court, Rohit Lumber Yard, Rohan Auto Sales, B.M Soat Auto Spares, Special Auto, National Hardware, Tony’s Auto Spares, Japarts, Carnival Casino, Caricom Auto Sales, S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies, Jialing, Choke Gas Station, E-Networks, Truck Masters and Prem’s Electrical. 

Admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults and $500 for children under 12.

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