Letter to the Editor: Irrefutable evidence that AG is mentally unfit for public office-Nandlall


Press Statement by Mohabir Anil Nandlall,MP

It is anyone’s guess why the Guyana Chronicle is the only media outfit that has been given a copy of Justice Holder’s letter of complaint against the Attorney General’s conduct in open court on the 24th day of March, 2017, during the Carvil Duncan’s case. It is also anyone’s guess why the Guyana Chronicle is not releasing the letter to the public. So much for freedom of the press and information under this “new dispensation.”

Nevertheless, the Guyana Chronicle has published snippets of the letter over the last two days. Despite its best spin, each publication has sunk the Attorney General deeper into a conundrum from which he may not be able to extricate himself, in the end.

From the excerpts of the letter published, thus far, in the Guyana Chronicle the following seminal points can be distilled: the learned Judge felt “disrespected”;  the learned Judge said that “the AG is in contempt” of his court; the learned Judge described the AG’s statements in the Court as “most egregious”; the learned Judge has called for a “genuine and meaningful apology” from Williams in open court; that in the absence of such an apology the learned Judge said that he “will not hear Williams in his court as an Attorney-at-law, in any case, whatsoever.”; the learned Judge’s account of what transpired in the court at the relevant time bore a striking similarity to what I disclosed transpired and is materially different from what Williams recited at his Press Conference on the 24th March, 2017; In other words, Williams has not only publicly lied about my conduct but he effectively is calling the learned Judge a liar as the Judge’s version did not corroborate the concocted tale which he told at his Press Conference; the AG has now gotten two junior counsel at the Attorney General’s chambers, who were present in court, to give statements which are palpably false, in his defence, thereby putting their careers on the line by pitting them against the Judge, to make out the Judge to be a liar; the learned Judge quoted Williams as saying “all morning Mr. Nandlall disrespecting you and you have done nothing about it” to which the learned Judge told Williamsthat is not a true statement of what occurred.”

Despite all of the foregoing already in the public domain, the Attorney General, today, issued another statement aggravating the wrongs he has already committed by not only refusing to accept responsibility for his outrageous conduct and apologizing to the Judge and the Nation for his blatant prevarications, he “thanks Justice Holder for doing the right thing and exposing the iniquity of Nandlall.”! As far as I am aware, Justice Holder has not said a single word critical of me. He then continues to insult the Judge’s intellect by saying that the Judge “fell prey” to “transferred frustration

I am so happy that the nation has witnessed this incident. It has provided to the public, a preponderance of irrefutable evidence that this gentleman is mentally unfit to hold public office. Significantly, he has furnished this evidence all by himself, unsolicited. It is now for the President to act.

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