$1B five-star Classic International Hotel and Suites opens at Corriverton


HNS Property Development Investment has officially opened its five-star $1B Classic International Hotel and Suites at #79 Village Corriverton on the Corentyne.

The four-storey building, which was opened on Thursday (April 6, 2017) will soon be powered by the first 250 KVA wind turbine electrical system in Guyana as part of supporting the Government of Guyana’s push for a green economy and the use of alternative energy sources.

According to the owner of the property Rameshwar Sugrim, the opening of such a facility is expected to help boost the economy specifically in the business community of the upper Corentyne Coast by providing accommodations that are on par with international standards for Guyanese and tourists.

While speaking with reporters, Sugrim disclosed that the idea of building a hotel was birthed in early 2014 and as a result, he purchased the land and later that year construction began.

He said now that the hotel is completed, the rooms are fully booked. In addition, plans are on stream to expand the Classic International Hotel and Suites with additional rooms.

“I am born and grow in Berbice so I choose to invest in this hotel here and with this new government in power I assure that this country will go up in the air and I believe in business in Corriverton. I am the owner of GUYTRAC and I do my business in Georgetown but I decided to come in my home area with the Classic International Hotel and Suites,” he said.

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin while congratulating Sugrim on the new venture, reminded those in attendance that Guyana is an attractive and exciting place to visit as more and more persons are visiting Guyana each year.

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin

Gaskin noted that last year Guyana recorded some 12.7 percent increase in tourist arrivals which is more than 30,000 visitors than the previous year. He said it is with this in mind that there is a need for more hotels across the country.

“So we will need hotel rooms for people because that growth is set to continue and not everyone would want to stay in Georgetown, we have ten beautiful regions each with its own attractions and a lot of efforts going to be made to market Guyana and its attractions and so we will need hotel rooms in all of our regions,” Minister Gaskin pointed out.

The business minister related that not all visitors are overseas visitors as locals from other regions are traveling in and around Guyana and therefore domestic tourism is also creating a demand for accommodation.

“The tourism sector presents viable investment options in Guyana and this is so in all ten regions of Guyana so I want to congratulate the Sugrim family for stepping up to the plate and boosting this town’s capacity to accommodate its visitors with this new spanking new facility.”

He, however, reiterated that while it is great to boost the country with hotels, the quality of services must also be up to standards.

The Classic International Hotel has four presidential suites, twenty-eight luxurious rooms, a restaurant, a large swimming pool, a poolside bar, spacious parking and faces the Corentyne River and Suriname.

The hotel will soon be boosted with two yachts so that persons can tour the Corentyne River. Two 3D cinemas are expected to be installed shortly.


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