PPP supports setting up of broad based Committee for Constitutional Reform


The Opposition Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) is standing by its claims that any engagement with Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo on Constitutional Reform will not bear fruit.

During a Press Conference yesterday, (Monday, April 10, 2017), Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo says while his party is committed to the process, however it needs a serious commitment from President, David Granger.

Jagdeo is of the view that putting Nagamootoo at the forefront of the process is not an indication that the Government is serious about it. “So we’re saying the President needs to give a commitment that whatever comes out of this body will be seriously considered. Not that we get the impression that ‘send it to Nagamootoo for it to die a healthy death,’ and this is why the whole issue of constitutional reform; anything that doesn’t have high priority in Government or when they need to make an excuse, they funnel to him and…we don’t want to be wasting our time” he noted.

He further highlighted the need for a broad-based committee to address the issue. “We’re prepared to participate in a Broad based committee that involves Government, Opposition, Civil Society to examine if there is further need to amend our constitution, we don’t have a fixed idea, the consultations across Guyana should allow the ideas to emerge because it is what people want that must reflect in the constitution,” Jagdeo outlined.

Recently, Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo says he will not step aside from his portfolio to accommodate the Political Opposition. He told online news outlet Demerawaves that “I cannot give up my responsibility on the foibles of a political dream. (Opposition Leader Bharrat) Jagdeo cannot determine who is in charge of constitutional reform. He sits on a cloud and he wants ti run the government. Come on!”

However, Former House Speaker, Ralph Ramkarran last weekend told a public symposium on constitutional reform that talks between the Government and Opposition is unavoidable. He then expressed hope that the Opposition will resolve their issues with the Prime Minister.

Ramkarran was speaking at a public symposium on constitutional reform organised by the Carter Centre and the British High Commission.

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