Former members assist RHTY&SC Cricket Development Programme


“The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, M.S, on an almost daily basis gets assistance from sponsors and donors as we strive to fulfil our mandate to serve humanity. We are able to do so because of the confidence that businesses and individuals have in our ability to get things done. Today’s contribution is however very special to us, because the donors are products of this club and this is your way of saying thank you to this remarkable organisation which has done so much for you”.

Those were the words of Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), Hilbert Foster, as three former members of the club handed over donations towards the Club’s 2017 list of activities.

Former members Dominic Rikhi, Moonish Singh and Renwick Batson handed over donations to club executive and First Division captain Shawn Perriera. Rikhi and Singh contributed financially towards the club’s Say No/Say Yes Campaign, while Batson donated 20 pairs of coloured uniform worth close to US$1,000.

Rikhi, who handed over the donations, stated that the former members of the club are grateful to the RHTY&SC for the role it played in their development on and off the cricket field.

The RHTY&SC, he stated, is the only organisation in Guyana where membership is free and where members are provided with everything free of cost to fulfil their potentials on the cricket field.

Additionally, less fortunate members are also assisted as necessary, so that they can complete their educational careers while the club executives provide the necessary mentoring to enable players to stay away from a life of crime, drugs and alcohol.

Moonish Singh served as the Office Manager of the RHTY&SC, M.S, for over a decade and represented the club at the Under-15, Under-17, Under-19 and Second Division levels. Rikhi, a former Berbice and Guyana Under-15 and Under-19 player, represented the RHTY&SC at all levels.

He also captained Berbice at the Under-21 level. Batson served as the Vice-President and Bank Trustee and also represented Berbice and Guyana at the Under-19 level. Batson, who has the most runs and centuries in the history of the club, is also a former Berbice opening batsman.

Vice-President Mark Papannah, who chaired the presentation ceremony, noted that the club’s executive was pleased that former members are coming on board to support the 2017 list of activities.  

Papannah disclosed that among upcoming activities are the GBTI Inter-Secondary School tape-ball competition, the Andrew Juman Memorial 20/20, Busta Champion of Champions, GWI Under-17, Republic Bank Under-19 cricket tournaments, along with Mother-of-the-Year 2017, Father-of-the-Year, Annual Magazine, School bags distribution, Annual Cricket Academy, Republic Bank Summer Camp, Region Six Sports Award, Ansa McAl Awards of Excellence and Youth Information Booklet.

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