Gov’t to engage private sector in housing development drive


The government will soon be engaging the private sector on the way forward in relation to the hundreds of acres of undeveloped prime lands that were sold to private developers.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at today’s (Thursday, May 04, 2017) post -Cabinet press briefing, stated that the Private Sector Commission (PSC) has written the government, seeking “engagement in a structured way” towards a resolution on the issue.

“We will respond to the private sector in a very short time so that we can have the engagement done before the first half of this year is completed,” Minister Harmon said.

During the previous administration, several private developers were given large tracts of land, under the agreement that they would develop housing estates.

The current government had put these developers on notice to develop the lands or face repossession. Earlier this year, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) had sought legal advice from the Attorney General (AG) on moving forward to reclaim the lands.

Minister Harmon on Thursday said the government welcomed the engagement from the private sector towards resolving the matter.  “I’m very happy about that and I want to commend the private sector for that approach,” Minister Harmon said.

The Minister stressed those private developers “have an important role to play in the housing and the housing development of this country.”

Cabinet is examining a white paper which was presented by the Ministry of Communities on housing, and the way forward to provide housing to all in need.

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