Brazillian among two teenagers arrested for shooting


By Leroy Smith

19-year-old Luke Usher, a salesman of 281 Tabatinga Lethem and Paulo Lucas Rodrigues Guvanes, a Brazillian national, age 15, have been arrested by the police in ‘F’ Division.

Guvanes and the other teen were sought after by the police in relation to a shooting incident at Savannah Inn.

It is alleged that the teens were in the process of committing a robbery. They reportedly showed up at Inn on a motorcycle and after the shooting, the two fled and hid in a house. Acting on information received, the police surrounded the premises and subsequently arrested the teens.

A search of the premise also found that Guvanes who reportedly works as a mechanic in the Lethem area had a bag containing a revolver with matching rounds stashed in a bathroom.

The items were confiscated, marked and lodged with the police. However, the teens up to press time, have not claimed ownership for the weapon. The investigatioms are ongoing.

The investigations are ongoing.

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