Cooling system approved for National Gymnasium


Funding for a cooling system for the National Gymnasium has been approved, according to the National Sports Commission (NSC).

That bit on information was included in a statement issued by the Commission in response to national athletes using the bleachers to rest, after complaints of the dorms at the venue being poorly ventilated and becoming heated at nights.

The national athletes are preparing to represent Guyana at the South American Junior championship slated for this weekend at the Leonora Track and Field Facility.

A photo surfaced on Sunday with the athletes lying on mattresses on the bleachers at the weekend. However, an official close to the team of athletes indicated in another section of the press that it was just a casual activity by the athletes to “lime” on the bleachers, and it was done “by choice.”

Below is the full statement by the NSC.

“The National Sports Commission (NSC) has noted reports that some athletes for the South American Games slept on the bleachers at the National Gymnasium instead of in the dorms. 

This event is being handled by the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG). However, when the matter was made public, an investigation by the NSC revealed that when the dorms became too warm, some of the athletes, out of their own volition, moved to more open areas so they can enjoy some association and eventually chose not to return to the dorms.

Other athletes and coaches did use the dorms. Even though the event is completely the domain of the AAG, the NSC intervened and provided additional fans for the dorms.

It should be noted that, thanks to Digicel, both the male and female wards were completely refurbished last year and were equipped with new mattresses.

This is part of ongoing efforts to improve the overall functioning of the Gymnasium. At this time, the NSC is pleased to report that funds have already been approved to install a cooling system for the entire Gymnasium.”

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