Woman dies following iron-bar beating by boyfriend


A Corentyne woman who was allegedly beaten with an iron bar by her boyfriend on Friday (May 26, 2017), after she failed to provide him with money to buy narcotics, has succumbed to her injuries.

News Room was told that the mother of three, of Number 58 Village on the Corentyne died while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

34-year-old Gomattie Ramsingh speaking to relatives at the hospital on Friday

Before taking her last breath, 34-year-old Gomattie Ramsingh told relatives that the man, Adesh Mulloo also known as “Curry Cow” struck her several times about her body before dragging her about the yard by her hair.

News Room understands that on the day in question the woman and her boyfriend got into a heated argument after she had discarded narcotics he had purchased earlier that day and refused him money to purchase a replacement. The man then became annoyed and armed himself with an iron bar which he used and dealt the woman several lashes about her body before dragging her down the stairs to retrieve the drugs.

During an interview with reporters earlier today (Monday, May 29, 2017), a niece of the deceased, Selena Kumar recalled that on Friday she received a call from the Skeldon Public Hospital that her aunt was a patient there.

Niece of the deceased, Selena Kumar

She related that upon arriving at the health institution she saw her aunt lying helplessly on a bed being prepared to be transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

“They ask me if I want to go with her so I went with her to New Amsterdam Hospital where they do an x-ray and when them do the x-ray them told us that the bone pon she neck ah back break and that she gah go Georgetown Hospital,” she disclosed.

Kumar told reporters that on several occasions her aunt and her boyfriend would get into arguments and he would beat her but they would eventually get back together.

Deceased’s brother, Avenash Ramsingh

The deceased’s brother, Avenash Ramsingh told reporters that he believes his sister was beaten on Wednesday (May 24, 2017) but was only taken to the Skeldon Hospital on Friday (May 26, 2017) after her condition began to deteriorate.

He added that his sister was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital then to New Amsterdam Hospital where it was discovered that she suffered and fractured spine and other injuries about her body. According to Avenash, his sister was later rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she died.

News Room was told that the matter was reported to the #51 Police Station but ranks there have given the family little to no assistance in relation to the case.

He recalled that ranks had claimed that they are looking for the suspect to have him arrested but to no avail. However, the suspect was seen roaming the area as per normal.

The suspect is still on the run.

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