WPA wants Constitutional Reform fast-tracked


One of the Coalition parties feels that its partners in Government are lagging when it comes to the issue of Constitutional Reform, but the Head of State is adamant that progress is being made.

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) has expressed dissatisfaction with the Coalition’s failure to honour its manifesto promise of Constitutional Reform. At a recent Press Conference, WPA’s Executive Member, Dr. David Hinds noted that it is one area which the party is most interested.

“We in the WPA have fought in every manifesto, if you go back to 1985, right through to the present, every manifesto that the WPA has been involved in, constitutional reform has been part of it, and we fought for the inclusion of constitutional reform as a very important and central plan of this manifesto and we must say that we are not satisfied that the Government has moved purposefully in terms of dealing with Constitutional Reform,” Dr. Hinds stated.

However, President David Granger on Wednesday affirmed his position that the process of Constitutional Reform is progressing, “it hasn’t been halted.” However, he noted that “there is a question of financing the process because we want to have a consultative process.”

The WPA is strong on the reduction of the powers of the President. The Party believes that it is important to ensure the security of citizens even if the Government changes.

Dr. Hinds argued that Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who is responsible for the sector has continually said “we’re going to bring things onstream,” but has not been able to fulfil that promise.

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