Bandits terrorize New Amsterdam family, escapes with cash and jewellery


A Stanleytown, New Amsterdam family, was attacked and robbed of a quantity of gold, diamond jewellery and cash by four armed bandits.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

According to one of the victims, Sanjeev Rambaran, the entire ordeal started at about 2:00 hrs on Tuesday on the lower flat of his home where his aunt resides. He disclosed that his aunt was attacked first and the bandits used her to get access to the upper flat of the home where he and another relative reside.

Window used to gain entrance to the lower flat of the home

According to Rambaran at about 2:30 hrs, he “heard a banging and a loud noise by the door.”

“I woke up, and I ran to the door, and I saw my uncle head bleeding, somebody lashed him in his head with a cutlass, and I called the police, and by then the thieves ran out, and my uncle ran out in the streets and calling for help but nobody came to help him, and the police came like half an hour later,” he related.

The News Room was told that after the bandit escaped, it was then that he learnt that the bandit had attacked his aunt on the lower flat of building and stuffed her mouth with cloth. The gunmen also tied her hands to a bed and turned up the volume of the television.

During that ordeal, the armed men stole a quantity of gold and diamond jewellery before using the woman to get access to the upper flat.

“They placed a knife to my aunt’s throat and get her to come upstairs and ask us to open the door and that was when my uncle open the door cause I didn’t know because I was sleeping at the time and as the door open I heard a loud noise and someone calling help help, and it was then that I came out and saw my uncle head bleeding”

The injured relative has been identified as 45-year-old Krishna Sukhu. He sustained a chop wound to the head and was rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for medical attention.

So far no one has been arrested but investigations are ongoing.

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