BREAKING NEWS: Dr Roopnarine resigns, cites health reasons


Dr Rupert Roopnarine said ill health has forced him to tender his resignation as a government minister and cabinet member.

“I just don’t feel up to fulfilling my obligations,” he told the News Room during a telephone interview moments ago.

His resignation comes just one month after he was removed as the substantive minister of the Education Ministry and placed as head of the newly created Ministry of Public Service under the Ministry of the Presidency.

Dr Roopnarine had told media operatives that he did not request the transfer and his colleagues in the Working People’s Alliance were not pleased about the move.

But Dr Roopnarine today told the News Room that the transfer was not the reason he resigned. He expressed that he may not be able to continue serving as minister because of his poor health.

However the Minister said he will further discuss the situation with the President David Granger.

The President told media operatives today that he has received the resignation letter and will be discussing the matter with Dr Roopnarine.

But the President insisted that as of now, Dr Roopnarine remains a member of the cabinet.

“He cannot resign until I have accepted a resignation and as far as I am concerned, I have not done so,” the President stated.

“I have to meet with Dr. Roopnaraine to discuss certain matters with him and when those discussions are ended if he wishes to speak with the media he speak with the media but right now Dr. Roopnaraine remains a member of the Cabinet,” he added.

Dr Roopnarine, 74 – years – old, had been hospitalised on several occasions within the past few months. He had even collapsed at a reception held by the British High Commission to mark the arrival of Prince Harry last year.

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