Cockroach found crawling inside Bakewell bread


A Georgetown resident got the shock of his life Tuesday morning, when he found a cockroach crawling in a loaf of bread he had bought earlier from an outlet of the Bakewell company, located on Albert Street, Georgetown.

Daniel Thomas posted a video of the sealed loaf of bread on his Facebook page, which shows the insect crawling inside. When News Room made contact with Mr Thomas, he said that he has always been a staunch supporter of the Bakewell brand but was shocked at the company’s response when he informed them of the issue.

Mr Thomas told News Room that the customer representative did not attempt to apologise to him and instead sought to clear the company of any wrongdoing. According to the irate customer, he then contacted the Food and Drug Department and an official there informed him that the issue is out of the department’s control and he should contact the Mayor and City Council instead.

Mr Thomas is urging other customers to be careful and to examine their items upon purchase.

A spokesperson at Bakewell Asgar Ali, in an invited comment, only stated that it is “impossible” for an insect to get into the package during the manufacturing and packaging process.

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