Dutch Company did not tender for feasibility study of new Harbour Bridge – PPP


Another controversy has emerged whereby a company that did not submit a tender was given the contract to conduct the feasibility study for the new Demerara Bridge and an official request has since been for an investigation to be launched into the matter.

Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira on Thursday wrote the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) requesting a probe be launched on the basis that it is a violation of the Procurement Act and Regulations.

According to Teixeira, the Dutch company, LievenseCSO which was awarded the contract, was not listed as one of the 22 companies which submitted Expressions of Interest in December 2015 for the Consultancy for the Feasibility Study and Designs for the New Demerara River Crossing/Bridge.

In the letter, seen by News Room, Teixeira states that the 22 companies which submitted tenders are:

  1. i) Politechnica Ingeneria Architecture (Italy) in association with Marcelle Gaskin and Associates of Guyana;
  2. ii) Hewson Consulting Engineers of the United Kingdom;

iii) COWI of Denmark;

  1. iv) IPRO Consulting from Germany;
  2. v) Egis of France;
  3. vi) Mott Mc Donald of the United Kingdom in association with SRK Engineering and Consulting;

vii) Netherland-based Ballast Nedam;

viii) China Harbour Engineering (CHEC);

vix) China Railway First Group;

  1. x) Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Communications, Planning, Design and Research;

xi)China Shandong International Economic and Technology Competition Group Limited;

xii) Rites Limited India;

xiii)VIKAB Enterprises of Trinidad and Tobago;

xiv) CFE in association with NV Rustwijk and Rustwijk of Suriname;

  1. xv) WSP Caribbean Limited from Trinidad;

xvi)MMM Group of Canada in association with CEMCO of Guyana;

xvii) SENER of South Africa;

xviii) Stantec (Japan) in association with Pedelta;

xix) Proficenter from Brazil;

  1. xx) Stuart Consulting Group along with Rahmad and Associates from the United States;

xxi) CBCL Ltd from Nova Scotia, Canada;

xxii) Guyana-based Stunning Nisi Inc.

Explaining why an investigation is warranted, Teixeira argued that the PPC would “no doubt be aware that part of Guyana’s international obligations under the Inter-American Convention against Corruption is to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in order to enhance public trust and confidence, particularly in respect to the public procurement process.”

However, she pointed out that the National Procurement Tender Administration (NPTA), contrary to the regulations, did not post on its website www.npta.gov.gy any information and minutes of the opening of the bids, the awards of tenders, and protests.

The former presidential adviser also argued that there is no evidence that the original tender was terminated and a new one introduced or any evidence that the tender had been amended and new Expressions of Interest sought.

“The fact that as of April 26, 2016 one company seemed to be in the running and then 7 months later another company that never tendered is awarded the contract is highly suspect. Therefore, there has been no transparency with regard to this bid, the selection and award of the Consultancy for the Feasibility Study and Designs for the new Demerara River Crossing to LievenseCSO,” she said in the letter.

Teixeira told the PPC that this project is of significant importance to our nation, and, one that will clearly come at a great cost to the Guyanese taxpayer now and in the future. “Therefore the public expects unflinching diligence by the PPC in order to protect the Guyanese people’s interests and uphold the constitutional provisions,” she stated.

The PPC, which is headed by Carol Corbin, is already under fire for its investigation into the emergency procurement of some $600M worth in medical supplies from Ansa McAl. According to reports, the PPC denied the Commission who led the investigation an opportunity to have his views recorded in the report which was recently submitted to the National Assembly.

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