Father wants justice for son who was brutally murdered


By Royan Abrams

Relatives of a Corentyne labourer who was brutally killed allegedly by six men are calling for justice and the swift apprehension of three other men who are accused of the crime.

On July 23, 2017, 24-year-old Cheddie Eshwar Sawh was found unconscious with blood emanating from his mouth and other injuries about his body on the Grant Village Crabwood Creek Public Road on the Corentyne.

He was first rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital and eventually to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died without regaining consciousness on July 29,2017.

Those wanted: Shairaz Hack, Vishan Arjoon and Sunil Maniran.

Six persons from the Crabwood Creek area were accused of beating the young man and hitting him in the head with a piece of wood until he became unresponsive. The police have since managed to arrest and charge three of the suspects while another three are on the run.

Father of the deceased, 68-year-old Rajendra Sawh told the News Room that while he is pleased with the work of the ranks at the Springlands Police Station, he believes that more manpower is needed in order to apprehend the three suspects at large. Their names have been given only as ‘Buddie’, ‘Vishan’ and ‘Chinnie’.

Those charged so far with the murder are Reaz Hack, Reaz Munroe and Suvranaith Sookdeo

According to the elderly man, the family was informed that one of the suspects on the run has migrated while the other two have been hiding out in the area.

“The police only got the names of five but according to eyewitness is six of them. We heard that one gone overseas and the other two between Suriname and Brazil fishing boat but I think that’s a lie and they are right in the area,” the father said.

Rajendra told the News Room that the case involving those in custody has been postponed.

“But I know the real killer is in police custody, he is the one that lash my son with a bat on his head and when he fall down the others beat him, kick him, ride over him with motor bike and bicycle so all I want now is justice for my son,” the distraught father said.

Those charged so far with the murder are Reaz Hack, Reaz Munroe and Suvranaith Sookdeo. Those yet to be arrested are Shairaz Hack, Vishan Arjoon and Sunil Maniran.

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