Traffic Chief calls for more resources


By Leroy Smith

It will require additional resources to effectively patrol the East Coast, East Bank and West Demerara corridors to address the many traffic violations taking place.

On Monday, Traffic Chief, Dion Moore called on Commissioner of Police (ag), David Ramnarine to allocate additional resources to the Traffic Department so that its Christmas Traffic Posture can be successful.

Moore was at the time presenting the Traffic Department’s Christmas Security Posture at Force headquarters, Eve Leary.

While addressing the Commissioner of Police directly, Moore requested a minimum of three vehicles as opposed to motorcycles as he stated that it is unsafe for his ranks to perform patrol duties with the use of motorcycles at nights.

He said that his department is, however, satisfied with the number of breathalyzers, radar guns, and in some cases speed humps, in the various divisions to address various cases of road lawlessness. The Traffic Chief said that his plan this year focuses on reducing the instances of inconvenience to road users, speeding, drunk driving and illegal parking which obstruct the flow of traffic.

More said that in cases where there is congestion, police escorts will be provided to those who are entitled to such. He added that the police will be utilizing CCTV footage extensively in the divisions and around Georgetown to ‘rope-in’ errant road users.

Patrols will be conducted in several parts of Georgetown, especially, and the patrol timings will overlap to facilitate the proper change of shift.

The targeted areas are Carifesta Avenue, Stabroek Market, Bourda Market, Regent, Camp Main and Water streets among others. Also, there will be traffic ranks placed at several junctions in an effort to facilitate convenient traffic movement.

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