Anuradha Deodasingh admitted to the bar


Anuradha Deodasingh, daughter of Bissoondyal and Sandra Deodasingh, was on Friday November 10, 2017, admitted to the Bar after taking her oath to serve the people of Guyana as an Attorney-at-Law. The petition was presented by attorneys-at-law Nigel Hughes and Anil Nandlall before Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall.

Anuradha began her education at Mae’s School where she graduated in 2010 with 11 grade ones at the CSEC level. She enrolled at Nations Six Form College and then decided to read for a degree in law at the University of Guyana. She then moved on to the Hugh Wooding Law School where she received Legal Education Certificate.

In putting forth her petition, attorney Nigel Hughes spoke about her time at his firm during her inservice and her efforts to help the underprivileged people of Guyana. She has been a volunteer at the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic during her time at the University of Guyana and is a member of a non-profit organisation that focuses on the less fortunate.

Hughes noted that he has no doubt that the newly admitted attorney will leave a good impression wherever she goes. He highlighted that she has excellent female role models in the justice system of Guyana who have broken the proverbial glass ceiling.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, spoke about his ties to the Deodasingh family, noting that he knew Anuradha from birth. Moreover, he expressed that Deodasingh’s petition comes at an opportune time where she is almost on equal footing with senior lawyers when it comes to the new Civil Procedure Rules.

Justice Morris-Ramlal congratulated Deodasingh and said that she has been under her supervision at the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic. She advised the young attorney to always remember her oath and to uphold the ethics of the profession.

The most recently inducted Attorney in her address said that she “strives to be principled, balanced, cultivated and well read; to become a lawyer who looks to reason”. She thanked her family noting that she is not an army of one and stated that “ours is a family of campaigners. We are champions for each other”.

Anuradha will now commence her career as an Attorney-at-Law but she has expressed that, “I know that it is not just the beginning, but the continuing of the same unto the end, until the work that God has set out for me is thoroughly finished, which yields the true glory”.

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